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At NPL Consulting Services Inc. dba, The Route Store,  our team includes service connected Veterans on a mission to help our brothers and sisters who wore a uniform and even if disabled we can provide pathways to absentee income.  We'll explain

how to use your one time pension payout to create secure income. Its a low life changing down payment for a Route purchase. We can provide owner or company financing for qualified applicants. 

John A. Mattera, Matthew R. Mattera, Leslie J. Mattera and Frank Chouen our office manager and also a service connected Veteran and many other "CERTIFIED" Consultants maintail the highest level of integrity and work exclusively with a platform of total  transparency. We like to say, ask us the question several times and you'll find the same answer and thats because the truth never changes.


In the 1970's Vietnam Veterans were disrespected, scorn and abused, a Veteran couldn't get a job anywhere and in an act of  survival  John solved his problem by starting a Route, that later became the first of Johns many Master Distribution Facilities.

John had to a create a job, a business and he did it as an Ice Cream Wholesaler supplying Mom and Pop stops through the NY. Metro area He can show you how to do it, its a timeless program that's easy if you know what to do, these days you can buy income at roughly three times, meaning to net $75,000 it will cost about $200 to $220,000,  just call The Route Store everyone there has the answers you need.

Learn why and or how getting into routes was Johns path to financial stability. Let us share what John learned, Johns son Matthew used this information and has since owned 3 routes that he has since sold for profit. The Route Store was a start up  business like Johns first Ice Cream route. John learned just how secure delivering consumables to retail outlets as a wholesaler can be.   

Matthew is the IT manager and General Manager of a national business brokerage his Father started gathering the data for since 1974 and in 2007 NPL Consulting Services Inc. was born and, since graduating from collage Matthew has been over seeing NPL Consulting Services Inc dba, The Route Store and Mattera Consulting.

Today we have access to over 500 routes and businesses and I can provide income opportunities that require ad little as $39,000 down, buying a route provides steady income and you even get value appreciation. 

At this time of Covid-19, Trucking is EXPLODING simple bread routes selling $10,000 a week in breads is doing $26,000 a week because of this virus and that means a route that cost $150,000 is netting the owner $225,000 a year. DISTRIBUTION DEMAND has "NEVER" been greater and you are one phone call away from changing your life in a way you will forever be rewarded for doing.​

                            Call The Route Store @ 1 800 801 5519 - You'll Be Glad You Did!