Michael Barry - NY. - National Sales Manager, Michael has a financial history having owned a Wall Street Stock Market Brokerage, In addition  to a financial history Michael has also owned and operated several businesses. Michael is also a partner in an Amazon Fleet as well as the NPL and  TRS sales manager and lead broker with over 15 million in business sales for 2 years running. Michael is a professional sales trainer where Michael  trains people on sales tools they can use to better their sales volumes. Michael is also a business solutions expert. Michael can sell ("PERIOD"). its  a gift and along with the gift is the ability to explain the process from A to Z. In addition to Michael being a top 10% sales person are his business    development skills, .his ability to redirect focus to close deals that other sales people cant makes Michael a professional sales person with a unique ability to see a path where others see nothing. Michael is willing to share his gift which places him above th other 90% that cane even see what their doing is wrong..  

                         Matthew Mattera - NY - President @ The Route Store, he graduated collage in 2016 and has taken over the daily organizational functions, he is                                     responsible for  all document exchanges and the facilitation of our deposit process. Matt also consults at Fortune Freight Inc. our family Amazon                                         trucking fleet  and for NPL Consulting. Matt has worked with John at Dietz & Watson, Florida Natural and Chunks of Fruti in a management capacity                                 Matthew worked his way up from the bottom,  by starting his own Route twice and selling them after developing them. The brands were  Florida's                                      Florida's Natural and Fruti. Matt started with distribution in 2001 on his fathers Snapple route, years later Matt managed 2 other Snapple routes before                                 building his own routes and selling them. Today Matt manages TRS specializing  in all internet (IT) components, Matt is an expert in creating short term documents to protect our clients. Matthew is also a saled person when he needs to back up his crew and his education helps him articulate matters on several levels.

                         Jeffery Steingerg - NJ. - Legal Consultant, Jeff is also an active duty reserve Coast Guard Officer (Captain)  Jeff is also an Arbitration Judge                                   and business owner that owns and partners in routes and businesses like an Amazon line haul fleet and an internet marketing company called .National                            Business Match an Escrow company called JVT and other entities. Jeffrey's most impressive asset is Jeffrey's vast Legal history, Jeffery is NPL's                                legal consultant providing NPL and all the other Mattera family owned or partnered companies with legal advice. All the consultants associated with                              NPL or TRS use Jeffery for their base line legal consultant. Jeffery is an expert record keeper and NPL depends  on Jeff for his in point control of all                            client and company documents and documentation. Jeff manages an Escrow company that many companies depend on to protect  ourselves and our clients. Jeff makes sure that all incoming and outgoing funds are delivered as intended. Jeff can wire the funds or he will mail them out Certified mail - return receipt. 


NPL Consulting Services Inc, dba The Route Store is a veteran owned and managed business that supports Veterans from all wars.

At NPL consulting services Inc, its our collective goal to satisfy our clients needs and be to always be honest with people. If a client has a gripe with a NPL associate call 1 800 801 5519 to explain their dissatisfaction. At NPL we pride our selves on our knowledge. We use it to tamper expectations. We are here to manage peoples expectations, NPL tries to save people from themselves, people often see and hear what they want. When buying or selling a business always use NPL you'll Be Glad You Did!

                        Sylvain Chouen - NY. - (Frank) President at Fortune Freight Inc and the office manager at The Route Store. like everyone else at The Route                                      Store, Frank has owned several businesses and routes. In addition to his business ownership history Frank also has a Financial history having owned a                            mortgage and working in the lending industry. Frank has owned his own routes and has worked in the business development industry where he helped                            people get started. Frank also has a long Real Estate back ground selling properties across the country. Frank is also a disabled Vietnam veteran and he                            works with John to help the disadvantaged Veterans through Yes We Care Inc. a not for profit entity that was created to help disabled and                                              disadvantaged people across long island providing, food, snacks, clothing, deserts, internet equipment and any other items he can collect at his sole expense to help our brothers and sisters that have had a difficult time. Another under rated skill Frank has is speaking in 3 languages the other 2 are Spanish and French.

                         At NPL Consulting Services Inc dba The Route Store we have been where you want to go. At this time the Principals at NPL own dozens of combined                           businesses John and Matthew Mattera alone own 8 active income producing businesses, from consulting firms to Amazon Line Haul fleet, independent                           trucking companies, dispatching centers and more in 4 states. The Consultants at NPL are knowledgeable business experts  that have been where you                             want to go. At this time the Brokers at NPL own dozens of businesses John and Matthew Mattera own at least 6 active income producing businesses

                         from consulting firms to Amazon Line Haul fleet and independent trucking companies, dispatching centers and more in 4 states.

                          Joh n A. Mattera - NY. - (CEO) -  John has owned many businesses since 1974, You can click on Johns face to visit John's Linkedin page, at                                          https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-anthony-mattera-516ba9a6. In 2007 John opened NPL Consulting Services Inc. "NPL",  John opened  many divisions                              Fortune Freight Inc. an Amazon tractor tailor fleet. The Route Store a National Business Brokerage and many others some still active. John has manages                            for each department. Matthew Johns son manages The Route Store while Frank manages Fortune Freight and Jeff manages JVT and othrs. As a                                        solutions expert John  loves people that find results without his constant involvement. John has worked with many billion dollar volume companies, Dietz                           & Watson, Florida's Natural, Farm Land Dairies and other brands needing solutions. Today John is working with Mission Foods on a confidential project. John is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, he donates his time, money and contacts to, www.YesWeCare.net where John is a board member and together John and Paul the CEO of Yes We Care Inc. give aid and comfort to disadvantaged Veterans. Please visit Paul @ www.YesWeCare.net to help any offering is welcome. .  

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